Print Finishes

Our special print finishes can make the difference between print that says ‘yes’ and print that says ‘wow!’

Not sure which print finish to choose? Take a look at our guide and if you’re still not sure, give us a call on 0300 3033 860 or email us at

Laminate is a thin plastic coating that can be applied to your finished print, provided you’ve selected either silk or gloss paper. Its protective qualities, mean that your printed products will stay looking fabulous for longer. It’s harder to tear, stops the ink from rubbing or transferring onto other surfaces, and it helps to prevent folds from cracking, which would reveal the white paper fibres under the ink.

We recommend adding lamination to the covers of booklets and brochures, presentation folders, menus and folded leaflets.
Gloss lamination
Choose this print finish if you want to add a luxurious high sheen that will deliver a striking result with maximum impact. Because light reflects off gloss laminate, darker colours appear richer and images stronger, which is just one of the reasons it is popular for statement brochure covers.
Matt lamination
If you want a subtle and protective finish, matt lamination delivers a muted yet more sophisticated result, because light is absorbed by the coating rather than being reflected by it. It adds to the tactile nature of your print with a prestigious, high-quality feel.
Spot gloss UV varnish
Spot gloss UV varnish delivers a lovely, eye-catching hit of varnish to a defined area of your design. It’s brilliant for highlighting specific design features, words or logos and will increase the visual impact of your print by making the chosen elements ‘pop’. It adds a layer of protection to the area it is applied to, but its primary benefit lies in its ability to enhance your design. For maximum contrast, impact and protection we recommend combining it with matt lamination. If you do opt for spot gloss UV varnish, remember to supply an additional design file showing us which areas of your print you would like it applied to.