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By far the most popular, silk is a great all-round, multipurpose paper type. Coated to give it a smooth, satin finish, images and text appear bright, clear and defined, which makes it the ideal choice for brochures and magazines.
Gloss paper is coated to give it a high shine that makes pictures and photographs sing. Shinier than silk, it isn’t as well suited to large areas of text as the sheen can make it a little harder to read, but it is fabulous for posters and image-heavy artwork.
The most tactile option, uncoated paper has a rougher texture which is often associated with high quality, especially on thicker paper weights. It’s particularly popular for business collateral and postcards because it’s easy to write on. However, the absence of a coating means that the ink sinks into the paper, making pictures and images appear more muted than they would on silk or gloss.

Paper weight is measured in ‘Grams per Square Meter’ or gsm. The higher the gsm, the heavier the paper. As you increase the gsm, you increase the thickness of the paper, which makes it feel more substantial and stiffer in your hand. The lower the gsm, the greater the chance that the print will show through on the other side of the sheet.

90 - 120gsm
A popular range for magazines that need to be compact and lightweight, as well as print that will be sent through the post. If you’re printing folded leaflets to be displayed in a dispenser, we wouldn’t suggest going below 115gsm, or they may not stand up. If you’re printing letterheads and business collateral, then 120gsm is a good choice for a higher quality feel.
130 - 170gsm
Ideal for self-cover booklets and brochures, this heavier stock won’t rip when stapled. Choose 150gsm – 170gsm for leaflets with a higher quality feel, and you won’t be disappointed. As standard, we crease uncoated paper with a weight of 170gsm and above before it is folded, to ensure you get the very best print finish.
200 – 300gsm
Paper in this weight range has a premium feel. Its thickness also makes it ideal for brochure covers and special occasion print.
350 – 400gsm
Our heaviest stock, this has more the feel of card than paper, which is why all our folders are printed on 350gsm and business cards on 400gsm.

*Brochure cover weight available if on a different stock to the main document.

If you’re unsure about our paper ranges drop us a line on 0300 3033 860 with any questions, or to request a sample pack.