Folded Leaflet Guide

Our handy guide shows you how to configure the artwork for your Folded Leaflet according to the type of fold you’ve chosen. Your choice of Cross Fold, Gate Fold, Half fold, Roll Fold or Z Fold, will determine in what order the panels of your leaflet are seen, as it is unfolded.

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Half Fold

4 Page Half Fold

A single vertical fold down the middle creates 4 printed pages. Ideal for menus, orders of service and direct mail pieces.

Gate Fold

Gate fold leaflets make great corporate brochures. Two folds create side panels which open up like doors (or gates) to showcase content in the centre panel.

6 Page Gate Fold

8 Page Gate Fold

Roll Fold

Vertical parallel folds create panels that are folded inwards towards the centre. This is a popular folding style for tri-fold leaflets (where two folds divide the sheet into 3 equal panels to create 6 printed pages). Roll folded leaflets make great mini-brochures and newsletters.

6 Page Roll Fold

8 Page Roll Fold

10 Page Roll Fold

Z Fold

As the name suggests, the sheet is folded twice in parallel folds to create 6 printed pages that open in a ‘Z’ shape. A single Z fold is a popular folding style for tri-fold leaflets and is perfect for DL sized direct mail.

8 Page Z Fold

10 Page Z Fold

12 Page Z Fold

Cross Fold

This is a simple half fold that is then folded in half again. The horizontal fold comes first and then we fold it vertically, creating two creases across the page, hence ‘Cross Fold’.

8 Page Cross Fold

To achieve a crisp, clean fold on paper weights of 170gsm and above, we always crease along the fold line before-hand.

115gsm to 150gsm are the most popular weights for folded leaflets.

Keep paper weight low for compact, lightweight leaflets to be used in dispensers, mailshots or door drop campaigns.