What does ‘print-ready artwork’ mean?
Print ready artwork simply means that your print file meets the following criteria:

  • All graphics must be at least 300dpi (dots per inch)
  • It should be in CMYK colour format
  • There should be a 3mm bleed on each trimmed edge
  • All fonts are embedded
  • Trim marks are included (to show where you would like your print trimmed down to)
What’s an embedded font?
Embedded fonts are simply fonts converted to outlines; this allows anyone who opens your file to see the artwork as you intended. If you don’t embed the fonts used, we’ll be unable to produce your print... Don’t panic if this sounds complicated, it’s not – just give us a call on 0300 3033 860 and we can help you get it right.
How big should my bleed be?
A minimum of 3mm. The bleed guarantees that there will be no white edges when your print is trimmed to size – your artwork will run all the way to the edge of the page.
Final checks
  • Have you run a spell check?
  • Has someone else proofread your work?
  • Are all of your images at least 300 dpi?
  • Is everything displaying as it should?
  • Are the pages of your proof in the right order?
How do I supply files for booklets?
As individual pages please, in numerical order, not as spreads. The minimum and maximum page count is 8 and 200.

If your brochure is perfect bound, remember to allow a 7mm margin along the spine edge of each page.
Spot gloss UV varnish
If you have selected spot gloss UV varnish, along with your original artwork you will need to upload an additional file to show exactly where on each page the spot gloss UV varnish is to be applied.