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For versatility, you can’t beat a well-produced flyer. Whether it’s event flyers to be handed out, a door drop campaign flyer or an A4 flyer to be inserted in a Real Print presentation folder, we’ll maximise the impact of your flyer design and message with fabulously vivid colour and precision flyer printing.


Cost: One of the biggest benefits is that flyers are an incredibly cost-effective advertising option. We charge under £85 for 10,000 A5 flyers, printed double sided. Combine this with your business’ design and message to reach your target audience and gain a great return on investment. Customisation: Flyers are arguably the most flexible form of print advertising. You have anything from A3 to A6 (including DL and 210x210) to play with. Our top-notch tech also allows us to print full-colour flyers (another name for double side printing) based on your exact requirements, finished with a gloss or matt lamination to add finesse and durability.

Looking at intended use:

Direct mailing - think of this as an introduction to your business, what you’re offering and why readers should take action. These double sided flyers are often accompanied by a brochure that lets the reader know more about the company and its service. With all direct mailing flyers, you need to ensure your message is clear and readers can clearly identify the service you’re providing. Response flyers - this type of flyer is used to provide further information to customers who are already interested in the product or service. The flyer may include further details of the product or brand to entice the reader to become a consumer. More specifically, they are looking for a reason to be converted. Check out - as the name suggests, these double sided printed flyers are aimed at first-time buyers. They are usually placed on retail countertops, business event stalls and exit areas, allowing prospective consumers to take away the information for later viewing. The front of the flyer is the most important part; it needs to feature an enticing image, message or header in order to catch a viewer’s attention.

Maximising your flyer’s design

Your flyers main objective is to capture a reader’s attention and encourage them to take action, whether that’s calling a phone number, subscribing to their service or visiting a website. A5 flyers are the most popular flyer size, but even smaller A6 flyers or DL flyers can still make an impact. Additionally, for outdoor flyer use and longevity, consider using gloss lamination, as this will add a layer of protection to your flyers. You’ll also find that this makes your print feel slightly thicker, which can help your flyers stand out from an array of other leaflets and flyers. A5 flyers are the most popular flyer size, but even smaller A6 flyers or DL flyers can still make an impact – and they’re economical too!

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Each time you place an order for flyers of any size with Real Print, we print your flyers on the same high-quality stock, which means you can always be confident of the same great result.

Our printed flyers, no matter the size, A5 flyers, A6 Flyers, A4 flyers and even A3 posters are all available on stock between 90gsm and 300gsm. You can be sure that we have the right stock for whatever your promotional flyer needs.

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Example of Real Print flyer paper


All print-ready flyer artwork should be uploaded with a minimum of 3mm bleed on all trimmed edges. This bleed guarantees that there will be no white edges when your flyer is trimmed to size – your artwork will run all the way to the edge of the flyer leaving no awkward white spaces.

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Example of bleed area for Real Print Flyers


Silk is the most popular paper type for flyers but if you want your flyer to last a little longer then add a layer of protection by selecting matt lamination – this may impact the delivery time of your flyer but you’ll find it well worthwhile.

And if you really want your business flyers or promotional flyers to pop, add a gloss spot UV varnish to highlight special details on the flyer.

We use eco-friendly inks: We use vegetable-based ink to reduce our impact on the environment and our printing process is FSC-approved (Forest Stewardship Council).

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Example of different Flyer finishes that can be provided by Real Print


Three working days + overnight despatch for all your flyers.

Place your flyers order before 4pm on Monday and take delivery of your printed flyers on Thursday.

Place your order for Real Print flyers before 4pm on Wednesday and take delivery of your printed flyers on Monday.

Add 1 day for lamination – a laminated flyer will have better longevity.

Add 2 days for matt lamination with gloss spot UV varnish – adding spot UV to your beautifully printed flyers will help them stand out.

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