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Every location that sells food and drink needs a menu, and our job is to ensure our menus look as good as your food tastes! Whether you own a restaurant, takeaway, bar or pub, our A5 menu printing service caters to every need. Note: We also offer menu printing for weddings!

Half fold menus:  A single vertical fold down the middle creates 4 printed pages. Ideal for menus, orders of service and direct mail pieces. DL and A5 Menu printing are among the most popular size choices but we also offer A4, A6 and 210x210mm. Half-fold menus are also ideal for displaying large or multiple images (ideal for clothing and car catalogues), as well as bite-size information and eye-catching headings.

Roll fold menus:  Also known as tri-fold menus, these vertical parallel folds create panels that are folded inwards towards the centre. This is a popular folding style for tri-fold menus (where two folds divide the sheet into 3 equal panels to create 6 printed pages). Roll folded menus make great mini-brochures and newsletters. Ideal for: Sleek, compact design elements make for easy reading, displaying statistics, infographics and image-based information.

Gatefold menus:  Gatefold menus make great corporate brochures. Two folds create side panels which open up like doors (or gates) to showcase content in the centre panel. The gatefold menu is one of the more creative designs, allowing you to spread your front cover design over two pages. For example, you could create an intriguing question on the front cover and then lead the customer to the punchline when they open to the centre page. These menus are ideal for displaying an intriguing question or image to entice customers to open it as there is ample space for displaying information, imagery, interesting and flexible design elements allow for creative freedom. For a better understanding of our gatefold menus, watch the video demonstrations linked below.

Z fold/ Concertina fold menus: As the name suggests, the sheet is folded twice in parallel folds to create six printed pages that open in a ‘Z’ shape. These menus are also known as “accordion” and “concertina” folds. Z-fold menus benefit from having between six and twelve pages to fill with content, information and imagery. You can dedicate the first page to your business’ title, message or head image and the rest can be used to divide up information whichever way you choose. A single Z fold is a popular folding style for tri-fold menus and is perfect for DL sized direct mail. Z fold menus are ideal for displaying a wide range of information and for display purposes as they are easily propped up. We would advise dedicating the front page to your business name, image or a call to action.

Cross fold menus: Also known as a “map” fold, the cross fold is a simple half fold that is then folded in half again. The horizontal fold comes first and then we fold it vertically, creating two creases across the page, hence ‘cross fold’. The cross fold is better suited to larger menus, as it’s able to display a large image inside. This image could be anything, a map, detailed infographic, product picture or tourist directory. Ideal for: Displaying a large image detailing your business’ main selling point.

Additional information:  Commonly used paper weights for standard printed menus are between 130gsm to 250gsm. Relatively compact when folded, they’re ideal for fitting in leaflet dispensers and keeping any postage costs low for mail-out menu campaigns or door drops. The experience a menu offers, as the reader unfolds each page provides greater engagement over a booklet, especially when your menu is combined with eye-catching print finishes and heavier stock, making menus one of our most popular products.


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We always print identical and repeat menus orders on the same quality stock. This means no anomalies or errors with any menu print, we always guarantee a great result.

And with our wide variety of stock options, you can be sure we have what you need. Whether you’re after A4 folded menu or A6 folded menu on anything from 90gsm to 300gsm, we have the stock to make you happy.

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Example of Real Print leaflet paper


All print-ready artwork for your folded menu should be uploaded with a minimum of 3mm bleed on all trimmed edges. This bleed guarantees that there will be no white edges when your printed menu is trimmed to size – your artwork will run all the way to the edge of the menu.

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Example of bleed area for Real Print leaflets


Silk is a great all-rounder for folded menu but for that added pop, finish it off with matt lamination and gloss spot UV varnish – this will give extra strength and durability to your menus.

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Example of different Leaflet finishes that can be provided by Real Print


3 working days + overnight despatch for all your folded menu's.

Place your menu order before 4pm on Monday and take delivery on Thursday.

Place your menu order before 4pm on Wednesday and take delivery of your menus on Monday.

If you add a special finish to your folded menus you must add 1 extra day to delivery for each special finish.

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