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Looking for the perfect brochure or booklet to showcase your business, product range or services?

A Real Print printed brochure embodies the care we put into getting everything just right. Whether it’s a corporate brochure, booklet, programme or printed catalogue, you can be sure that your brochure will look as good as it feels. More information on our online brochure printing services can be found below.


When ordering a brochure, you will need to select a type of paper. Typically, there are three different finishes; gloss, silk and uncoated. Premium brochure printing (over 36 pages) - our perfect bound/ PUR binding creates a stunning finish and guarantees a professional, sleek look. Staple bound brochure printing - this brochure finish allows your brochure (or booklet) to lie flat when opened out. Gloss brochures - these brochures remain very popular in the print world and offer a premium, professional look. Silk brochures - this type of paper has a matte finish. Silk is arguably the most popular paper type because it’s just so durable and versatile. Uncoated brochures - this paper type has a more organic and tactile feel to it and is not as smooth as the gloss or silk variations. Uncoated paper is perfect to write on. Adding gloss or matte lamination to your brochure - if durability is important for your brochure, or you want a finish that delivers that bit extra when it comes to visual impact, then we recommend adding gloss lamination or matt lamination to your brochure or booklet. Or combine! - for a subtle but eye-catching effect on your brochure, why not combine matt lamination with spot gloss UV varnish and make your printed brochure really stand-out! We however would not advise adding gloss or matte lamination onto an uncoated paper stock.


We offer all basic brochure sizes as standard, however if you wish to have a custo or bespoke size then more options are available through our bespoke quotation form (brochure printing costs are subject to change depending on your requirements). A4 brochure printing - order 100 staple & full colour, silk, gloss or uncoated brochures for under £150 (more options also available). A5 brochure printing - order 100 staple & full colour, silk, gloss or uncoated brochures for under £85 (more options also available). A6 brochure printing - order 100 staple & full colour, silk, gloss or uncoated brochures for under £70 (more options also available). DL brochure printing - order 100 staple & full colour, silk, gloss or uncoated brochures for under £80 (more options also available). 210x210mm brochure printing - order 100 staple & full colour, silk, gloss or uncoated brochures for under £125.


Choosing your brochure depends on your branding and personal requirements. Gloss finishes have remained popular in the industry and are great for displaying vibrant colours and catching a reader’s attention. If your brochure features bold colours and texts that jump out, a gloss finish is an appropriate choice. Silk finishes are appropriate for almost all industries. Uncoated finishes on the other hand, lend themselves to premium brochures that you want to stand out next to any silk brochure competitors. This style does not reflect light as gloss does and the material has a rougher texture. You may want to use this finish if your brochure features large amounts of content (like a university brochure).

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Each time you place an order with Real Print, we print your collateral on the same high-quality stock, which means you can always be confident of the same great result.

A Real Print Self-Cover Brochure is available on either 90gsm, 100gsm, 115gsm or 130gsm. This means the pages and the brochure cover are the same stock. For added longevity to your company brochure or corporate booklet why not add a cover to your brochure in a heavier stock which is laminated? Choose from 170gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm or 300gsm.

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Example of the textured paper that can be provided by Real Print


We want your company booklet to be perfect and each page of your booklet or corporate brochure to be exactly what you imagined. For that reason, we always recommend that print-ready artwork should be uploaded with a minimum of 3mm bleed on all trimmed edges. This bleed guarantees that there will be no white edges when your printed brochure pages are trimmed to size – your artwork will run all the way to the edge of the page.

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Real Print explaining bleed area


After a bit of extra durability for that company booklet? Why not try adding matt or gloss laminate to your booklet/brochure. If you want to add some extra wow to your brochure pages or brochure cover we recommend adding matt lamination with gloss spot UV varnish; your brochure will be sure to stand out.

This may impact the delivery time of your company brochure, but you’ll find it well worth while.

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An example of a variation of finishes that are available from Real Print


Three working days + overnight despatch for a printed brochure with no special finishes.

Place your order before 4pm Monday and take delivery of your bespoke printed company brochure the following Thursday.

Place your order before 4pm on Wednesday and take delivery of your company brochure the following Monday.

Add 1 day for a brochure with a lamination finish; 2 days if you add matt lamination with gloss spot UV varnish to your brochure or booklet.

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