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A smart, professional and eye-catching introduction to your business. Letterheads are a fantastic way to provide basic information about your company and create a lasting first impression. Print works because it’s a tactile medium; you can’t help but connect with and our letterhead paper looks as good as it feels!

Our recommendation:

Uncoated, thicker paper stock (120gsm, plus) for your letterheaded paper will give a really high-quality feel in the hand, one that your letterhead will definitely be remembered for. Your business should have an official company letterhead that can be recognised instantly. Beautiful design combined with personalised branding will really help your business stand out from the crowd. Letterheads are traditionally printed on A4, however, if you require A5 letterhead printing, please speak to one of our team members. Your A4 letterhead printing is made easy using our specification customiser tool above, try it for yourself and receive an instant quote! We can also print business cards to accompany your letterheads.

Key points for letterhead designs

Professionalism & credibility - letterheads are usually requested when someone requires an official or ‘provable’ document from a company. Letterheads add a touch of professionalism and finesse to a standard document. They also can be embossed and personally customised to help deter forgery and act as an official or legal record of communication. Legitimacy and assurance - Despite most of our communications now being paperless, letterheads add a sense of legitimacy and self-assurance when it comes to signing important legal paperwork (insurance documents, mortgages etc). A professionally designed letterhead emphasises the business’ stature and acts as a binding and assuring physical interaction between business and consumer, a concept that online documents desperately lack. Keep it clear and concise - your letterhead’s primary objective is to present a clear message to your readers, so try to avoid bulky copy, jargon and waffle. The colour, feel, texture and paper weight (GSM) combined with the placement of key information is the most important aspect of your letterhead.

Letterheads as standard should include an inside address, subject line, main body of text, close signature block, identification initials, enclosure notations (to inform and remind readers of additional items included in the letter) and carbon copy (the ‘cc’ in an email).

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Our paper comes directly from the mill, so the letterheads will always be printed on the same high-quality stock.

We offer letterheads on 100gsm as standard, but opt for 120gsm if you would prefer your letterheaded paper to have a more superior feel.

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Example of Real Print letterhead paper


We always recommend a 3mm bleed minimum for all letterhead prints. This guarantees that your artwork will appear exactly how you designed it on our site (no white edges or skewed borders). All prints are trimmed to this size, meaning your artwork will run to the edge of the page.

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Example of bleed area for Real Print letterheads


Due to the tactile nature of our uncoated paper stock and the ease with which you can write on it, we do not recommend adding any of our current special finishes to any of your printed letterheads.

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Example of different letterhead finishes that can be provided by Real Print


3 working days + overnight despatch for your printed letterheaded paper.

Place your order of printed letterheaded paper before 4pm on Monday and take delivery on Thursday.

Place your order of printed letterheaded paper before 4pm on Wednesday and take delivery on Monday.

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