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Holistic marketing means your news stays real.

Digital Marketing is often promoted to the forefront of a business when it sets its annual budget and forecasts, but the reality is that digital marketing is most successful when run as part of a holistic approach across the business. On its own, digital marketing is only half the picture and worse still, it is open to abuse and misrepresentation.

The value that a print campaign can bring when run parallel to an effective digital campaign is immeasurable; it backs up a digital voice with an authoritative voice that reassures. Print brings authority to what is an increasingly poorly regarded medium.

The rise of fake news, ‘alternative’ facts and misleading information places even more emphasis on organisations to fact check and ensure their communications are clear, concise and to the point.

Digital marketing has a crucial role to play, but it must be a part of a wider holistic approach that embraces all the wider strands of your organisation.

That is why a holistic approach to all that you do is increasingly important. If your organisation is working towards the same goal, using the same techniques and speaking with one voice then the opportunity for misunderstandings, miscommunications, and ultimately allowing your voice to be misrepresented diminishes by the day.

Without a unified voice you are open to being exploited by fake advertorials, fake news and potentially exploitation of data and resources.

Cambridge Analytica (CA) have fallen into insolvency because their clients and suppliers have deserted them. What did they do to warrant such treatment? CA targeted individuals whose private Facebook profile information had been sold to them, with bespoke persuasive Facebooks ads that were designed to influence their political leaning.

Essentially Cambridge Analytica ran a holistic marketing campaign across multiple digital platforms, and a television campaign, based on data and research that targeted the most susceptible with information they believed would sway their opinion.

But isn’t this what all advertising is designed to do? Research a market, find its target audience and then run campaigns to reach and influence them across all media.

CA don’t appear to have broken any laws, rather just use data in nefarious and shadowy ways.

The aggressive digital marketing they carried out manifests in many other ways too.

Martin Lewis recently started proceedings against Facebook for failing to take down ads on its site that appropriated his name, image and reputation to draw people into financial scams. Facebook, he claims, failed to prevent, or swiftly remove, false advertising that has tarnished his reputation and lured unwitting victims into costly scams.

With all this muck around it’s a great time to get a hold on the moral high ground. Print represents clean, honest marketing and when it’s part of a holistic campaign the impact it can have is immeasurable.

Our top-notch state-of-the-art printing presses, combined with the love and value we attribute to all our work, means that when you use Real Print you can be sure your message is delivered with authority by professionals. Digital marketing is essential and will never lose its place in a campaign, but it is doubly effective when combined with print; and considered far more trustworthy too.

We understand digital marketing, but we understand too that without print to back it up, it is just more static on an already crowded digital playing field.

Quality print will ensure you stand out from the players as a serious professional.

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