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Seven ways to use folders - and five tips to make sure they look right

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7 ways to use folders – and 5 tips to make sure they look right

Folders are under-rated

If you want to increase the perceived value of any printed information you are producing, then the easiest way is to use a folder. As soon as you see a smartly designed and printed folder, there is a belief that there must be something important inside.
Folders also change the way that you think about and engage with the information. When someone picks a folder up there is an extra weight compared to holding just the contents, which the brain associates this with a higher value.
In addition, a user has to take the contents out of the folder. This increases the amount of handling of your print that they have to carry out. The more people touch printed items, the more they engage with them. In fact, 65% of people say that they give their full attention to direct mail compared to 35% for email. On a practical level, this also means that the recipient is more likely to see the contents compared to just picking up a pile of papers or a brochure.

Here are 7 times when personalised presentation folders can add value to your information:

  • Conferences
  • A custom folder is an ideal way for delegates to receive their timetable, a notepad and any other important information provided by delegates.

  • Quotes
  • An expensive quote can be undervalued by simply being presented on a single piece of paper or via an emailed PDF. A personalised corporate folder overcomes this issue. You can also add extra sheets of information about the product, service or your company.

  • Welcome packs
  • Welcome packs can be given for people visiting a new venue, attending an event or receiving a new product. A bespoke pocket folder can hold a brochure and all supporting information, increasing the likelihood of it being kept.

  • Presentations
  • Give delegates copies of your slides or supporting information in a professional folder, which keeps everything all neatly in one place.

  • Leaving information
  • At the end of a meeting or an event, present attendees with a branded folder with a resumé of everything that was covered along with additional publicity information.

  • As a personalised brochure
  • Sometimes a printed branded folder can replace a brochure. It allows you to add loose-leaf pages that provide exactly the right personalised information for a prospect or customer without overloading them with too much material or information. Not every potential customer needs information about every single product that you sell, you could even just include a fact sheet about the ones that are relevant to their persona.

  • To add intrigue to mailings
  • Putting a sales letter inside a custom folder creates a bulkier and more intriguing piece of collateral or direct mail…and the more interesting it is to a consumer, the more likely it is to be opened.

    As you can see, there are plenty of times when a branded folder adds real value to the way you present information. However, it is important to design your folder correctly to make the right impact as well as to make sure you use them efficiently.

    Here are five tips to create the best possible folder:

  • Decide how much capacity you need
  • We can provide a variety of FREE Folder Templates, some have capacity and some do not. The latter is ideal if you are just including a few sheets of paper within your branded folder. However, if you have a lot of material to put inside your corporate folder then you should use a design that has a capacity pocket and square back spine, or gusset. These are best suited to holding more material without looking too full. For just a couple of sheets of paper, a non-capacity pocket folder is most appropriate.

    Understand the artwork template

    Don’t worry if you are unsure about how to design your custom folders. We have a full range of FREE Folder Templates available on our website. Do make sure that you let your designer know about these templates as it will save you the cost of getting them to design you one. We die-cut our bespoke folders to match these templates, so it is vital that your artwork matches them.

  • Decide how you want your folder specification
  • We can supply folders flat (if interlocking) or glued (if made-up). There are advantages to each option. A glued folder means that there is no hassle of assembling the folder at your end, just insert what you need and you are good to go. On the other hand, an interlocking folder that is supplied flat takes up far less storage space but will need to be supplied on a pallet.

  • Beware of using solid colours
  • Presentation folders are created from a heavy board. If you are using a solid colour across a crease or fold line, we strongly recommend that you add a gloss or matt laminate to the folder to minimise the chances of cracking from happening.

  • Create the right finish
  • Whether you use a solid colour or not, adding lamination to your folder adds an extra tactile dimension. This means that your folder will seem even more luxurious to the recipient. For a final touch of elegance, consider using a matt laminate and highlighting your logo or photographs with a spot UV varnish to make part of your folder design really stand out.

    custom folders today

    Remember how under-rated they are? This is your chance to add value to your information and impress your prospects and clients.

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