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Print is ALIVE! Five examples from brands doing magazine and brochure printing right...

girls on a rocket with 5 brands doing amazing brochure printing

Lady with tattoos holding magazine, representing that magazines can be printed by Real Print

Number one

thinkMoney is TD Ameritrade’s quarterly printed magazine, it has won many editorial and design awards and when you take a close look at it, it’s easy to see why. Often in the spotlight as a custom magazine done right, thinkMoney targets options traders within the investing world.

With intelligent risk-taking mavericks making up the majority of their readership, the magazine has to have the right look, feel and content for this highly discriminating audience, thus thinkMoney only hires writers who are themselves active traders. The cover is often a bold visual that includes subtle humour. Full of fresh thinking, humour and trading how-to’s on equities, options and futures, it is a beautifully executed publication that educates, informs and entertains a crowd that is considerably hard-to-impress.

Number two

You might think it’s strange that a video marketing company would invest heavily in
printing a magazine but that is exactly what Eyeview did. Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Fagel explains that the print format meant that they were able to study complex
topics in digital media marketing, such as artificial intelligence in meaty reports
written by expert journalists and well-regarded analysts.

Magazine sitting on a wooden stall, example of magazines printed by Real Print

Four seasons magazine, example of a magazine that can be printed by Real Print

Number three

Four Seasons magazine begins with an edict to “take your time.” It is really of no surprise that their printed magazine is as beautiful, sumptuous and luxurious as the destinations it puts under the spotlight.

Rather than focus on the classic “what to see” content for its top destinations of choice, Four Seasons focuses on multisensory experiences; a profile of truffle farmers in Australia, a plethora of photos purveying the traditions of Tokyo’s Nakameguro neighbourhood and how Richard Quinn’s life changed overnight after a visit from Her Majesty, The Queen.

It boasts over one million readers and agency Pace says readers who engage with the magazine spend more money with the hotel brand than any other

Number four

Although we love the print medium as it is, bringing digital and print mediums together
through tailored campaigns works wonders. Not On The High Street wanted to appeal
to a more varied customer base in the run-up to Christmas2017. Original content was
its top priority - ‘Gift Like An Editor’ saw the editors of Country Living, Elle, Esquire,
and Harper’s Bazaar curate the most relevant Not On The High Street gifts for their
readers. The result? A 100% increase in shopper basket size, £358,000 in revenue
from the ‘Gift Like An Editor’ campaign product sales, and it reached over 2.5 million
people on social media. Now that’s impressive.

Bazaar magaine next to a coffee, representing high quality magazine printing by Real Print

Multiple magazines scattered, representing magazines that can be printed by Real Print

Number five

Mobile operator Three decided to give traditional print a 21st-century makeover, with its video-in-print cover. As part of their ‘Go Binge’ campaign, they produced 500 special covers of Time Out’s weekly printed magazine, giving readers the chance to stream behind-the- scenes footage of the new Netflix show ‘Glow’.

Jolene Sickelmore, Head of Communications and Execution at Three UK, says print is still an attractive proposition due to its “huge reach” of young urban commuters (Three’s target audience). Time Out currently hands out around 300,000 free magazines every week.

“We didn’t want to look at standard print options though – in light of our pioneering nature, we wanted to actually get the prop into people’s hands and show the UK what it’s like to be a Three customer. We worked with Time Out for a good six months on actually bringing this to life logistically,” she says. “Publishers provide a great opportunity to do that with loyal readership and circulation. Ultimately, the more innovative and exciting ideas publishers can explore with us the better.

She concludes:

“As many magazine and print publishers invest into their online offerings, we will continue to value them for the strong and reliable content environment they can provide. If you look at telco as a category, competitors are also still spending here and we believe that print can play an important part in the path to purchase, as well as big brand fame.”

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