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Three simple marketing campaigns to increase your business - and they all use print

Print gets you in front of your audience quickly and simply

In previous articles, Real Print has shown you how PRINT STANDS OUT IN THIS DIGITAL AGE, appeals and engages all sorts of people with its tactility and how it helps win results. We have also shared the science behind why this is the case. Now it is time to see how all types of companies can put it to best use and win more business.

Here are three simple marketing campaigns that will achieve more revenue for your company:

1. Create a loyalty card

If you operate a retail business, have ever shopped on the high street or bought a coffee from a coffee shop you are no doubt aware that it is best practice to reward regular custom. The best way to do this is through a loyalty card. For most businesses though, an app or swipe card is just too complicated. In contrast, print makes loyalty cards beautifully simple.

Use a business card or appointment card format to create a compact 85mm x 55mm card that you can hand to customers. Then use a stamp to mark off each qualifying visit or purchase. You might well find that customers end up keeping your loyalty card in their purse or wallet, so make sure it’s noticeable and well branded.

For best results, give people a card where a couple of purchases are already marked as complete. Here’s an interesting case study which shows that doing this can dramatically increase customer loyalty from 19% to 34%.

2. Spread the word about a great offer

Flyers and folded leaflets are both underrated means by which to spread publicity about an offer (particularly at an event) ... but it is important to hand them out and deliver them in the right way. Untidy piles of leaflets hidden in a corner are not going to grab the attention of your prospects. Instead, consider getting someone to hand out your flyers at an event relevant to your business, or see if a popular nearby attraction will let you put your folded leaflets in their dispensers… there is no harm in asking.

The most effective flyers that we see at Real Print have a simple design and message. In addition, they use heavier paper stocks that stand out and help the customer feel that they are reading something of importance.

3. Send a thank you note and upsell

Use a folded leaflet or A6 printed postcard to create a thank you note, then send these to your best customers after a purchase or visit. The thank you note can say whatever you need it to say but details of a special offer usually go down a treat, as it’s an effective way to encourage customer loyalty, repurchase and retention.

To take it up a notch, you could include a handwritten or personalised message on each note. Customers will appreciate the personal touch. To make the note stand out even further, send the thank you note separately rather than including it with a delivery or invoice.

What do these campaigns all have in common…

They are all simple to put into practice! Not one of these suggestions involves any complicated planning, they do not require a large investment and the campaigns are all simple to measure. Print really is easier! Straightforward to set up for you and simple for your prospects and customers to use. Isn’t it time you tried utilising more print within your marketing mix to help you achieve great results?

For print that makes an even bigger difference, check out our range of brochures, leaflets and folders.

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